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Thank you for visiting our web site. Please note, we have retired from breeding.  If you are looking for an ECS, go to my page “Finding an English Cocker”. There is a lot of useful information there.

We have been involved with English Cocker Spaniels since 1986. I am a Life Member of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) with over 30 years of active membership. I have been a member of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America (ECSCA) since 1992.

We obtained our first puppy in the summer of 1986 and started taking him to puppy socialization classes. We completed our first obedience title in May 1988. We subsequently purchased another obedience prospect and were hooked on obedience training. We really became aware of the importance of the adherence to sound breeding principles and intensive health testing as dogs belonging to friends of ours in the 90’s started to have issues in the obedience and agility rings due to poor health, poor structure or questionable temperament.

We bred our first litter in 1994 and have only bred 12 litters in total.  Our priority in any breeding was first and foremost keeping a puppy for ourselves.  Over the years, we have done a lot of different activities with our dogs, such as obedience, rally, tracking, conformation and fly ball.  That certainly kept us busy!


In our litters to date, we have a few highlights and I expect more accomplishments.  Dogs we have kept for ourselves have:

  • participated in the 2001 invitational High in Trial of High in Trials with Carfrae Handle with Care (Clara).  Clara was the first and the only English Cocker Spaniel to date to both qualify and participate in this competition.  She was bred, owned and trained by me.
  • won the prestigious 2009 Best Puppy in Puppy Sweepstakes, English Cocker Spaniel Club of America national specialty dog show at Huron Ohio, with TUX (Carfrae Tuxedo Junction).  TUX  defeated over 120 puppies and was only the 5th Canadian bred English Cocker Spaniel in over 50 years to win this award.
  • obtained 65 performance and conformation titles in both Canada and the US
  • completed UD, CDX and CD titles on three different dogs in 2014.  I managed to retain both my sanity  and enthusiasm for obedience during this time.
  • achieved owner handled multiple group placements on two of our boys, despite random attendance at occasional conformation summer shows (TUX, Crosby)
  • obtained “titles at both ends of their names” for several of our past and current dogs

English Cocker Spaniels that we have bred and sold to other fanciers have accomplished the following:

  • 60+ conformation and performance titles including AAC and AKC Agility Trial Champions, AKC and CKC Champion Trackers and the coveted AKC VCD3 designation.
  • obtained both an American Champion Tracker (CT) and Canadian Tracking Championship (TCh), becoming the very first dog of ANY breed in North America to accomplish this (Carfrae Me and My Shadow). If you have done tracking, you know how much effort and energy that took for that special owner/dog team.

Most important of all, we have produced a number of very beloved family companions. That’s the most important.

The last few years were busy for us. We retired to this property eight years ago and love the area.  We have over 47 acres with a mix of fields and forests.  The house was built in 1983, very structurally sound when we first saw it in 2010, but had been let go over the years.  We have done a lot of work on the property, more remains to be done inside the house.  I have faith that some dome day, we will finish the kitchen and install new oak hardwood flooring in the living room . 🙂

We have an insulated, small training building that is both heated and air conditioned, acres of fields that are superb for tracking and a pool that is wonderful for exercising dogs (and humans) in the summer heat. Our permanent outdoor, fenced 50 x 50 obedience training ring was completed in 2015 and is resistant to the Northumberland Hills winds.

Our focus for the next few years will be full time performance training and enjoying this beautiful property.  I have always loved training and being with my dogs, problem solving and trying to continually improve. I will keep on training my dogs, as long as it continues to be “fun” and both we and the dogs remain healthy.  Over the next few years, I hope to complete one or two more OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) designations and maybe some tracking or scent detection titles.

To keep up with our various activities throughout the year, be sure to regularly check our news and updates page.

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