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The cottage, Carfrae Island, Pointe au Baril, 1986 to 2010:

Alice was without a doubt the worst dog to take fishing, she would neither keep quiet nor still in the boat!  She jumped around the boat, barked, knocked things over and you could always hear her coming from hundreds of yards away.  At the cottage, every other fishing boat would haul up anchor when they saw Bob and Alice approaching.

Alice and Bob fishing

Olivia loved boat rides at the cottage.  We eventually sold this boat July 2018.  After boating on Georgian Bay for years, Rice Lake was just a bit boring.

Olivia waiting for her boat ride

Everyone loved retrieving the floating dummies and dokkens, the problem was getting them back:

Retrievong at the cottage

One of my favourite pictures from the cottage.  L to R: Elvis, Bob, Alice, Olivia, Lucy and in front, Tina.  It was hard to get Bob to sit still, the dogs were fine!


 Out For A Run, late 2010!  Fences finally installed at “the farm”.

farm 451

Summer 2012 fun!!  Crosby in the pool:

No Georgian Bay anymore, just a 20 x 40 inground pool.


Crosby enjoying the pool, after a tough day showing in conformation

Rosalind playing with her puppies, autumn 2012:

Playing with Rosalind

Puppies in the Snow, Winter 2013:


Rosalind breaking the trail for Paula

Ros making a path for Paula

Tag in the Snow

Tag in the Snow

The Big Snow, February 8, 2013

We listened to the weather forecast and knew there was “a big one” heading our way.   So before it hit, and after we had done our grocery shopping and checked all of our generators, we had a very long play session in the dog yards.  We spent the next day clearing a 350 foot driveway and a 60 x 100 foot parking area of 3 foot snowdrifts.  My husband even took the snowblower into the dog yards to make paths.

Ready, Set, Go. Let's Play!

Ready, Set, Go. Let’s Play!



Whitney, surveying us from the upper deck

Whitney, surveying us from the upper deck



Paula likes her "creature comforts", which do not include plunging through snowdrifts. After a few mibnutes she was very happy to watch from the shelter of the covered part of the dog yard.

Paula taking shelter


Paths in the snow (for the dogs)

Paths in the snow (for the dogs)

 Summer Fun 2013

The heat wave in mid July just about did all of us in, glad we have air conditioning and a very large swimming pool.  When we finally purchased this place in September 2010, the pool was full of sludge, algae, weeds, frogs, dead mice and who knows what else.  We were tempted to have a contractor just fill the darn thing in but a fellow obedience competitor persuaded us to at least try the pool for a year, if only because swimming is great exercise for dogs.  So, $10000+ later, the dogs have a great pool that we occasionally use as well.  Below, Rosalind on “her” raft, Olivia circling the raft.




Summer 2013 Dog Shows:

When we went to a conformation shows in the summer, we shared our beloved 1982 Airstream Excella 31 foot trailer with the dogs.  Here is a picture of the “dog’s bed” in the front of the trailer:


Our beloved Airstream will be sold spring 2019.  We’ve stopped breeding and showing in conformation, not using “Granny”, time to let her go to a good home:

Aerial View, July 2014:

We are used to planes  in our area, particularly the Hercules air transports and Search & Rescue helicopters that are based out of CFB Trenton.  In late July, while we were all enjoying a nice swim in our pool, we were buzzed by a single engine, fixed wing aircraft and assumed it was a particularly inept student pilot.

We were wrong, it was an aerial photographer, taking a picture of part of our property. Since this picture was taken, we have added a 50 x 50 fenced outdoor obedience training ring, by the large ash tree.


ECSCA National Specialty Show, Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO May 2016:

When I say that was our expensive and memorable US National ever, I’m not kidding.  Close to $5000 in repairs to the Suburban and Airstream, new tires for both vehicles before we left.  Blowing a tire on the Airstream trailer at 3:30 AM  on I-69W in Michigan and then experiencing snow flurries!   Being serenaded by Paula on our drive.  But, very rewarding in the long run and so proud of the “mob”.

TUX and Crosby’s prizes from obedience and conformation, interior of the hall and set up of the trailer:



Autumn 2016 Visitors:

The bane of autumn 2016, the countless wild turkeys on the property.  They love the windfall apples under our trees, the gravel on the driveway and the bird seed under the big bird feeders.  They torment the dogs, particularly Whitney, by meandering very slowly by the big dog yard in groups of 20+ birds.  They are particularly brazen and when I shoo them away, they stand their ground until I am within 2 or 3 feet of them.  They roost in the pine trees at night and then slowly descend into the back field, or the big dog yard, at daybreak.

Spring 2017, they’re back!:

I knew this is the crowd from 2016, they knew exactly where the bird feeders were and how to sneak around the house, dog yard and training ring fences.  SIGH.

The kids have returned!

February 2019:

After mousing in the freezing drizzle of big dog yard:




We like to relax and watch “The Great British Baking Show” in the basement rec room:

Back to “School”

Crosby and Dellie, Feb 16/19

After a horrendous few months, including my illness over Christmas, having Benny come back home in late January and losing TUX in early February, it was wonderful to be back training dogs, with good friends.  Pictured above Crosby on the left and his daughter Devil Dellie on the right.