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We have had English Cockers for over 32 years now and we just assume that the “rest of the world” knows what all these various titles mean.  But if you don’t, consider this an abbreviated explanation of some of the titles that our dogs have and that also appear in their pedigrees.

BIS: Best in Show (all breed). MBIS designates a multiple Best in Show winner

BISS:  Best In Specialty Show (limited to English Cocker Spaniels). MBISS designates a multiple Best in Specialty show winner

CH:  Conformation Champion

CD:  Companion Dog, the novice obedience title

CDI:  Companion Dog Intermediate, an interim title between CD and CDX

CDX:  Companion Dog Excellent, the intermediate obedience title

ECM:  English Cocker of Merit, designation awarded by the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America to dogs that have produced the requisite number of conformation and performance titled ECS in the US.  Not an easy title to obtain and a true honour for any breeder.

GCh:  Conformation Grand Champion

GChEx: Grand Champion Excellent

JH:  Junior Hunter

MX: Master Agility title

MXJ: Master Agility title with Jumpers

NA: Novice Agility title

OTCH: Obedience Trial Champion.

PCD: Pre Companion Dog.  A stepping stone to the CD title

RN:  Rally Novice, first level of rally titles and the easiest

RA:  Rally Advanced, the second level of rally titles

SH: Senior Hunter

TD: Tracking Dog, the first level of tracking titles

UD: Utility Dog, the highest level of obedience titles. Consists of multiple, complex exercises and is a very difficult title to obtain

WD:  Working Dog, a hunting instinct test offered by the US breed club

WDX: Working Dog Excellent, the second hunting instinct test offered by the US breed club