Left-2009 BPIS award for “TUX” and Right-2000 High in Trial award and certificate of participation in 2001 HIT of HITs for “Clara”



If a picture is worth a thousand words, than the picture above summarizes who I am.

On the left, the pink and green Best Puppy in Sweepstakes ribbon won by TUX in April 2009 at the ECSCA National Specialty.  TUX won BPISS over an entry of 120+ puppies. He was the 5th Canadian bred ECS to do so, in the past 63 years. The photo on the bottom is my favourite and shows TUX’s grandfather “Chigger” and TUX’s father “Murdoch”.  All three boys did very well that day.

On the right, the High in Trial award won by Carfrae Handle With Care, AmCdn CD, at the Muskoka Obedience Club in October 2000.   Clara’s HIT award qualified her for the invitational High in Trial of High in Trials competition in May 2001 and she is still the only English Cocker Spaniel to participate in the HIT of HITs.  Clara subsequently went HIT in a Michigan breed specialty trial in September 2001.

“Success” was achieved by:

  • the support of my husband who helped deliver puppies, proof obedience dogs, lay tracks for the tracking dogs  and drove a 16 foot SUV towing an old 31 foot Airstream trailer to a number of Canadian and US shows.
  • listening to a number of knowledgeable conformation and performance mentors in both Canada and the US.
  • having the top professional handlers in North America present my dogs, while I was travelling on business 50+ hours a week throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean.
  • going to a number of US National and Regional specialty shows over the years and watching class after class of wonderful English Cockers, from precocious 6 month puppies to the venerable veteran dogs.
  • sorting all the inputs from other breeders and following my own intuition to make the right decision for my very limited breeding program.
  • not taking to heart “the noise” from other breeders when I made a decision that they disapproved of.
  • not taking to heart, the ill informed opinions of selected “pet” owners.

Whitney’s November 2017 litter was our last.  These days, I am excited by training in various performance events.  I think there is at least one more, maybe two, OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion), RA (Rally Advanced) and RE (Rally Excellent) titles and perhaps a TD (Tracking Dog) and a TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) titles in our future.

I am particularly proud that my most recent performance dogs are all dogs that I have bred myself.  It is interesting to see certain traits in my current dogs, that I recognize from their grandmother or mother.  In just 11 litters in  32 years, we have produced conformation, obedience, agility and tracking champions in both Canada and the United States, as well as a number of healthy and loved pet puppies.

Not too bad at all.  🙂